Charred Dirt

Charred Dirt

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Charred Dirt

Platforms: PC

Price: FREE


Charred Dirt is a fan project based on the classic PC game Scorched Earth which was written by Wendel Hicken in 1990.  Charred Dirt is set in the future in a post-post-apocalyptic world where lawlessness rules and tanks do battle for supremacy.  Charred Dirt is a blast to play with up to 7 your friends or a mix of 5 different AI opponents. Download it today.

Download Charred Dirt 0.99c

Download instructions

Download the zip file and unzip it to a folder.  There’s no need for further installation.  Just click on the cdirt.exe file to launch the game.  If the game does not run, make sure you have the C++ redistributable installed.  You can get it here



  • 20 hand drawn levels and anime style graphics
  • Over 50 weapons and defense items to choose from
  • 12 playable characters each with their own defense attributes and unique super weapons.
  • HEB damage system (Heat, Energy, Ballistic)
  • Water Physics
  • USB Gamepad Support


  • Up/Down Arrow – Increases/decreases power
  • Page Up/Down – Powers up/down quickly
  • Right/Left Arrow – Changes angle
  • Spacebar – Fires weapon
  • T key – Brings up the inventory menu in game
  • A/S key – Moves tank left or right
  • Tab key – Cycles through weapons
  • Left Alt key – Shows health and shields of all tanks
  • Clicking on a tank shows HEB stats
  • W+E+R+<Enter> keys – Allows you to end the level and switch to another level
  • Esc key – Exits out of menus
  • F1 key – Takes screenshots
  • F2 key – Toggle in-game scoreboard/frame rate
  • F10 key – Completely exits out of game
  • F12 key – Player re-class setup (single player only)
  • ` key – Brings up the console display


For more detailed information on the game, please download the Burnt Soil Protocol, the Charred Dirt Manual by Roy Higashi





Title Screenshot2 cdirtscreen4 Screenshot3

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1 comment

  • IPS says

    2013-07-01 11:13:30

    Great potential, also a bit of disbalance between weapons and some considerable bugs between some of the most impopular weapons. For me the game was not finished at all, but still it’s pretty fun to play. Would give it 5 if it had some kind of server for atleast several players for it and if it haven’t some glitches between, so it’s a fairly a 4.

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